Fully Automatic Box Strapping
P.P. Strapping Band
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Fully Automatic Box Strapping

Fully automatic PP box strapping M/c is suitable wherever on line strapping is necessary. It is generally used in ceramic industries, house ware, (AC/TV/freeze) manufacturing, newspaper industries, food industries etc. and are available in different sizes ranging from 05.00mm to 19.00mm & thickness ranging from 0.47mm to 0.90mm.

Our expertise in 5mm width X 0.47mm thickness are for a specific segment of News Paper Industries, Publication Houses and such industries where lesser strength is

viable more speed is required for online machine and this product can be an extremely cost effective as well.

Our other distinct specialization is in 15mm & 18mm Transparent especially for Home Appliances & other Electronic Items, Gadgets & Accessories.

Technical Details
  • Paper Core: 200 mm ID x 190 mm L
  • Packing: Two Rolls either in Box or in Bundles
  • Printing: Online Single Color Flexo & Gravure printing facility available
  • Colors: Available in Transparent White, and Other Colors
  • Tolarance : Length ±3%, Width ±0.50mm, Thickness ±0.05mm

Fully Automatic p.p. strapping band
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Fully Automatic Specification

Product Code Width
in mm
Thickness (mm)

Tensile Strength (Kg/Sq. cm.)

Meters / Roll

Average Weight of Roll (Kg) +/-100 Gram

FA 505 5.00 0.45 40.00 5000 7.500
FA 806 8.00 0.60 70.00 2000 5.500
FA 906 9.00 0.60 80.00 3000 9.000
FA 1206 12.00 0.60 100.00 2000 8.000
FA 1506 15.00 0.60 150.00 1000 6.000
FA 1906 19.00 0.60 160.00 1000 7.000

Fully Automatic p.p. strapping band India

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